“It works like a dream, and couldn't come at a better time... I partciularly appreciate the feature that refunds the time you don't use, since I don't always know how long I'll be out...”
Michael Kincaid,
Palo Alto, CA


Operational Flexibility

  • Easily switch between parking and vending modes.
  • Use with lockers, racks, or cage enclosures.
  • All components run on AC power or batteries.
  • Works with and without a network.
  • Membership-based access control is not required.

Ease of Use

  • Clear, intuitive user interface.
  • Faster to use than a mechanical bike lock or locker.


  • Cardholder can access a national network of facilities.
  • System supports a variety of card types.

Low Operating Cost

  • The BikeLink system has been continuously refined to minimize administration, service, cleaning, power, and communications costs.

Serves More Cyclists

  • Usage data indicates BikeLink serves 5-7 times as many cyclists in a year compared to non-shared systems.